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What does mental health look like during election season? The Bros discuss their experience watching the U.S. election, the right's attacks on Hunter Biden's addiction, how toxic masculinity shows up in politics, and why we all deserve a yearlong nap.
On an unexpectedly (or expectedly) political episode of Brobriety, we discuss something everyone is already sick to death of hearing about: The U.S. election! Specifically, the right’s attack on Hunter Biden’s addiction, Biden and Trump’s sobriety, rugged individualism as a symptom of toxic masculinity, the strength of community, protecting your mental health from politics, and why everyone deserves a yearlong nap.

Show Notes:

Note: nothing in this podcast is intended to be a replacement for medical or professional advice. If you, or someone you care about, is suffering from addiction or substance abuse, visit one of the confidential, non-judgmental resources below:


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